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Pamela Claire Photo Tony Mott

Photo: Tony Mott


Pamela Claire is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter and filmmaker with stunning debut album LONELY SETS ME FREE- a 360 degree audio-visual experience with 11 original tracks, 5 music videos and vinyl. All links here: Claire is an award winning film director, her music video for LONELY SETS ME FREE track 'Thin Air' awarded 'Outstanding Achievement Award' in the L'Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival (Aug 2020), Finalist in the Florence Film Awards (Jan 2021) Semi-Finalist in the European Cinematography Awards (Sept, 2020), Honourable Mention in London International Monthly Film Festival (Aug 2021) and officially selected for Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival (Nov, 2020). Claire's 3min single shot music video for song 'Let's Stay Miserable Together' was a Finalist in the Florence Film Awards (Jan 2021), officially selected for the New York Movie Awards (Feb, 2020), Athens International Art Film Festival (March 2021), Dublin's International Short Film and Music Festival (Oct, 2020), Female Voice Rock Film Festival, New York (Dec 2020) and Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival (Nov, 2020). Pamela Claire was 'Artist of Week' in Country, Folk, Americana, Blues Realm (Nov, 2020) and her songs have enjoyed international and domestic radio play since album release on July 17 2020 on PBSFM, JOY949, 3RRR, FBi,  2SER, 3RRR, 2CBD radio, Edge Radio, USA: L.A KZCT, Ozcatradio, Mark Skins Radio and  Venezuela: LUZRADIO and CAPITAL 710AM and OK101 FMLONELY SETS ME FREE is available on vinyl in-store at Captain Stomp Records, Melbourne and OH! JEAN RECORDS, Fitzroy Melbourne. Pamela Claire Music youtube channel, instagram and facebook at @pamelaclairemusic 


"The music Claire has chosen to put on the album epitomizes an auteur who takes the listener on a journey entwined with light and dark, tears and humour, with a twinge of nostalgia and an unabashed authenticity that has become quintessentially Pamela Claire"(Beat Magazine). "Leaving you in awe of how one woman’s voice can be so fluidly beautiful ranging from tenor to soprano and in true Orbisonesque style" (ForteMag). 


Pamela Claire delivers a love letter to music in Lonely Sets Me Free.  A skillful blend of genres creating a powerful, eclectic and beautiful album. LONELY SETS ME FREE is not just one thing and this is where it's subtle mastery lies. The songs on LONELY SETS ME FREE are soulful, sad, groovy and danceable sometimes all at once. Pamela Claire makes music for grown-ups. Claire demonstrates her delicate gifts in words, music and voice, delivering a pair of heartrending tunes that tear away at raw emotional truths with characteristic warmth and a disarming honesty. Claire's songs are about the unexplored nooks of childhood, the hidden inconvenient truths about marriage and relationships, the bitterness of loss but most of all they celebrate the way a good groove can make your day. Pamela Claire is a shy extrovert, originally from Sydney's vast suburban sprawl. Claire loves old films and music and has an excellent recipe for sangria (Bio: Peter Galvin).

"LONELY SETS ME FREE stops short of being conceptual art but takes on the form of a deeper experience that cannot be simply labelled an LP. Claire has tapped into the intersections of what musicians like David Bowie understood as the performative zeitgeist where art, music, and film synthesise into one" (Beat Magazine).

LONELY SETS ME FREE has been wrung dry and pegged on the line threadbare by the talented Justin Ossher (Producer and Arranger), Paul Bolger (Initial chart and arrangement consultant), Diego Villalta (Guitar), Adam Spiegel (Bass), Damien Ellis (Drums), Fabian Acuna (Trumpet), Carmen O'Brien (Violin), Luis Poblete (Percussion), Huw Gregory (Piano), Terry Mcleod (Sax), Redmond Black (Crystal Mastering). Photography by Albion Harrison-Naish and Tony Mott. Black Rose artwork 'Fabric Rose' by Ruben Ireland'.

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