Photo: Tony Mott


Pamela Claire is a Melbourne singer/songwriter releasing her debut album LONELY SETS ME FREE in 2020. Pamela Claire is a singer song writer, from Sydney’s vast suburban sprawl. Always a shy extrovert she first started performing in front of a mirror with a brush for a microphone, she was 35. Pam found some small success on the fringe stage early. Uncertain of the rewards ahead as a professional actor Pam retired early. She then climbed behind a camera and spent ten years making film and music videos. In between singing in the shower, perfecting her sangria recipe, getting married and having her first child she has spent time as a welfare worker, innovation consultant and social researcher. The loneliness and isolation that many new mother’s experience drove Pamela to put down into words and music what she had discovered along the way. Her friends thought they were good, so she made an album. It’s called LONELY SETS ME FREE. Her songs are about the unexplored nooks of childhood, the hidden inconvenient truths about marriage and relationships, the bitterness of loss but most of all they celebrate the way a good groove can make your day.

Bio : Peter Galvin


LONELY SETS ME FREE has been wrung dry and pegged on the line threadbare by the talented Justin Ossher (Producer and Arranger), Paul Bolger (Initial chart and arrangement consultant), Diego Villalta (Guitar), Adam Spiegel (Bass), Damien Ellis (Drums), Fabian Acuna (Trumpet), Carmen O'Brien (Violin), Luis Poblete (Percussion), Huw Gregory (Piano), Terry Mcleod (Sax), Redmond Black (Crystal Mastering). Photography by Albion Harrison-Naish and Tony Mott. Black Rose artwork 'Fabric Rose' by Ruben Ireland'.

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